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OSHA Compliance & Safe Work Environment
Contractor Sales & Service is committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy working environment that is free of recognizable hazards. Furthermore, it is the policy of the company to comply with all applicable state and federal codes and regulations including those promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA requires employers to maintain an OSHA 300 log that details workers’ job-related illnesses or injuries and requires them to provide employees with a working environment that is free from safety hazards.

Drug & Alcohol Screening Program
Contractor Sales & Service utilizes a drug and alcohol testing program to further monitor and maintain safety levels. All workers are subject to pre-employment testing and subsequent random testing throughout employment. In addition, if reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use or intoxication on the job is established, then further drug and alcohol screening is mandatory. All supervisors and management are trained on signs of substance use on the job and how to handle reasonable suspicion. If an accident is reported, the relevant workers will be required to submit to further drug and alcohol screening. Although this testing is required by DOT for specially licensed drivers, our entire company participates to include owners, management, and office staff. Weapons (other than tools required for the performance of work) are not allowed in company vehicles, in company equipment, or to be in the possession of workers on site.
Safety & Equipment Training Offered On-site & Off-site

Most industrial operations require that forklift operators or powered industrial lift truck operators be certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). OSHA certification ensures that a forklift operator can do his job more safely and efficiently. Many industries, companies, and insurance providers require that forklift operators, as well as other construction or general industry workers, be OSHA certified.

The operator can be trained on the job by a certified trainer or attend a course at a trade school. If an operator opts to take an individual online certification course, he or she will still need to be evaluated by a qualified trainer for the hands-on part of the certification process.

OSHA forklift training is a two-step process. The first step, classroom-style training and testing, is conducted online and takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. The second step, hands-on evaluation by an employer, may be conducted by an individual with the experience, training, and knowledge to train and evaluate forklift operators and assess their competence. The individual conducting this part of the training is not required to possess a special certification. We provide an evaluation form to download and print for this phase of the OSHA forklift training.